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We regard ourselves as part of society and we therefore take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. In addition to protection and conservation of the environment, we believe that working under the appropriate labour conditions is of critical importance.

We demand a high level of certification from our suppliers and we regularly tighten up these regulations. In addition, we have various ways of checking whether they honour agreements with their employees, as defined in the CODES OF CONDUCT. Regular social checks are carried out to ensure a safe and healthy working environment and a fair system of remuneration. In addition, we visit our suppliers at least once a year, both by appointment and unannounced.

To guarantee the environmentally friendly nature of our company, we have set the objective of our entire production operation being fully compliant with the OEKO-TEX standard within two years. ‘Confidence in textiles' – is the motto of independent testing and certification institutions that work to improve product safety and sustainable production in the textile industry. Approximately 60% of our collection meanwhile meets this standard.

We strive to ensure that all our clothing is produced as responsibly and sustainably as possible. This is an ongoing process between 4funkyflavours and its suppliers. At present, our production takes place at different locations around the world and we are very proud of the collaboration with our current suppliers. The passion and enthusiasm with which they produce our products represents a very important contribution to the colourful and unique collections of 4funkyflavours.