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Payment options

At the end of the ordering process, you agree the general terms and conditions and you are redirected to the payment page. Depending on the country, we accept a number of different payment methods, including: iDEAL, Bancontact, MasterCard, Visa and personal bank transfer.

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If your bank/payment card is authorised, payment is taken from you immediately and you receive an email with confirmation that your order has been placed successfully. Only paid orders are processed. If your payment was unsuccessful, you receive an email with a payment link within a few hours and you can try again. Naturally, you can always contact our customer services department.


We take security seriously and the security of your data is a high priority. MultiSafepay is our partner for processing online payments. All data that is transmitted is encrypted. All orders are sent via a secure internet connection with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and other measures.